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Industrial Epoxy Floor Coating Contractors

Look no further when you are in quest of industrial epoxy floor Coating contractors! YY Applications is a professional epoxy concrete floor coating applicator for the industrial, commercial, institutional, and residential floor, located in Mississauga, Toronto, Ontario. We have been operating in this industry for many years and delivering a broad range of varieties in Epoxies and Polyurethane concrete floor coatings in Toronto.

What is epoxy?

Epoxy is a chemical that cures when it is mixed with a hardening agent. Epoxy resin is used in industrial, catering, food factories, warehouses, workshops, and garage floor coverings, which may take the form of a screed several millimetres thick, or a thinner coating of epoxy paint. In both cases, a hardwearing surface is produced, which is strongly wear-resistant.  

epoxy floor coating service

Epoxy floor coating Combines very high durability, good resistance to chemicals, oil, and grease with very low odour during applications and curing. It is applied with layers of strong, durable coating called epoxy. They can produce shining, clean, and durable flooring. They are also used to guard paint on the flooring from grease, oil, and other substances. However, the perfect result will depend on the planning and pre-work.

Epoxy flooring Services we offer?

We are Industrial Epoxy Floor Coating Contractors and have a huge clientele. We only use premium quality products to deliver an extensive range of services. The customers can expect fully tailored Epoxy flooring from our expert team. Before initiating the work, our experts will investigate floor conditions, traffic conditions, and environmental factors. After visiting the site, our professional contractors will apply the appropriate Epoxy floor coating solution with the required thickness

Usually, the industrial areas are highly trafficked by forklifts, tractors, and other bulky equipment that requires proper maintenance. We offer the best solution of Epoxy Coatings & Floorings to mend this condition. The service of Epoxy Coatings & Floorings is quite inexpensive and perfect for making very thick coatings, High wear resistance, and High load resistance. You can also expect a rough finish that leads to slip-resistant. This process will conclude with an amazing appearance to working floors.

In addition, this flooring service enables substrate guard and lagging the floor from any redundant material such as moisture and oxygen. We offer industry-standard Epoxy Flooring services to meet the optimum level of quality.

YY Applications Epoxy Coatings

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Are You Trying To Find The Most Experienced Industrial Floor Coating Contractors In Toronto?

Your facility or home floor is an essential part of your experience in that space. If it’s cracked or worn, stays dirty, or leaks when it needs to contain fluids, you cannot perform at your best. YY Applications has the expertise and the products to help you renew, refresh or restore that ground-level layer of your life and work. We have the best team of Industrial Floor Coatings Contractors in our company.

What is Industrial Flooring?

Industrial flooring is tough enough to withstand chemicals, machinery, and other characteristics associated with industrial businesses. It’s found in factories, warehouses, refineries, utility plants, and other structures involved in heavy-duty operations.

What are the Various Types of Industrial Flooring?

1.Epoxy Floor Coating

Epoxy flooring is one of the most all-around floor coatings available, suitable for industrial, commercial, and even domestic settings. Epoxy not only has higher toughness and comes in a range of colors, but it also has a long lifespan and requires less care. Epoxy is commonly used to protect and beautify concrete floors, but it is far more flexible and intricate than that. Epoxy involves the application of two liquid components: a polyepoxide resin and a curative that chemically bonds together. When mixed and applied correctly, the resulting chemical reaction creates a rigid surface and a powerful bond. If you are looking for top-class services for Epoxy Floor Coating Toronto? YY Applications are here to help you out!

2.Concrete Floor Coating

Concrete is highly durable and economical, which is why it’s the base for most industrial flooring systems. Combined with epoxy or polyurethane, it makes for a nearly indestructible floor and functions like reducing contamination from mold or bacteria. Plus, concrete doesn’t have to be boring, dull, and gray options like staining and polishing add brightness and design options to the mix.

3.Urethane and Polyurethane

Even though the terms urethane and polyurethane are sometimes used interchangeably, the chemical makeup of the two is distinct. Polyurethane comprises several urethane units that have been bonded together by a chemical event known as polymerization.

Urethane flooring is seamless and long-lasting, particularly in chemical spills. It is thermal shock resistant and can be poured directly onto concrete. Polyurethane is a popular choice for industrial flooring because it is scratch-resistant and waterproof, keeping the floor safe from moisture, pathogens, and temperature changes. Polyurethane is used as a coating and can be mixed with epoxy to make an almost indestructible floor. YY Applications delivers sound, lasting flooring solutions that look great, whether you need concrete polishing, epoxy, urethane coatings, or specialty finishes for your industrial site.

What Are the Cost Benefits of Installing Industrial Epoxy Floor Coating?

Epoxy flooring is an attractive & reliable option for industrial & commercial sites. The cost-saving benefits of this sort of flooring are well-known among business owners. Epoxy floor coating in Toronto is extremely long-lasting, and the long-term benefits far surpass the initial costs.
Here We’ve Listed A Few Cost Benefits Of Installing Industrial Epoxy Flooring:

  • Quick turnaround time
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Fewer replacement cycles
  • Slip and fall avoidance
  • Highly cost-effective
  • Great durability
  • High resistance
  • Safety and visibility
  • Incredible strength
  • Easy to maintain
Advantages Of Using Epoxy Flooring In Canada

With twenty years of experience, YY Applications has you covered. Allow us to put our expertise to work. Whether you need Flakes Epoxy Floors for your basement, garage floor, or another concrete surface, we will do the job.

We deal with floors that we generally don’t pay much attention to unless something is wrong with them as a benefit of epoxy flooring. Nonetheless, they are an essential aspect of workplace productivity and safety. Finding a floor solution that can last the test of time while also being chemical, spill, and stain-resistant can be complex. You might want to consider an alternative flooring option for your facility and the impact it could have.

Advantages of Epoxy Flooring:

  • Many chemicals, such as solvents and acids, are resistant to epoxy floors.
  • The Epoxy Flooring is just ornamental. Epoxy flooring comes in a broad range of colors & patterns. It is possible to achieve a concrete look by sprinkling flakes on the floor.
  • There is simply a minor work disruption due to the quick application process.
  • Epoxy flooring is simple to keep clean. After all, the flooring is seamless, liquid-tight, and simple to maintain, contributing to improved hygiene.
  • Underfloor heating works nicely with epoxy floors. Very sustainable. You save energy and space with underfloor heating because the radiator is no longer visible. There are no gaps or edges on the floor. It mixes in perfectly with the surroundings.
  • These floors are strong enough, making epoxy floors suitable for heavy use and mechanical loads, such as forklift traffic in warehouses, workshops and production areas.
  • Traffic Coating Waterproofing – A proven approach uses a protective deck membrane system to effectively block chlorides and waterproof a parking garage’s concrete deck. Choose from our comprehensive range of vehicular traffic coating systems and specialty products to protect the deck and extend its service life.
Want to Know More About Epoxy Floors?

Then for that, you can get in touch with our expert team. If you want to learn anything about our services, you can contact us at (647) 292-0207 or (647) 875-3351.