Commercial epoxy floor coatings:

  • Durable- stand up to industrial vehicular traffic.
  • Coast effective- compared to traditional cementition concrete.
  • Excellent resistsnce- to common chemicals and solvents.
  • Easy to maintain.

Typical Usage:

  • Food & beverage plants
  • Chemical processing
  • Warehousing
  • Electronic production
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Government facilities

Looking to create a new sterile environment or upgrade an existing warehouse and plant area. We can schedule to complete your work with minimal interruption of your facility’s operations.

For all your industrial floors heavy and light traffic areas! 

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Commercial Epoxy Coatings & Flooring Epoxy Installation In Toronto

YY Applications offers the installation of concrete epoxy coatings for industrial, commercial, & residential properties in Toronto. Whether you need chemically-resistant coatings installed, a layer for a commercial kitchen floor, or simply an attractive coating, we can assist you. There are many different types of floor epoxy coatings on the market. Their traits are vastly distinct from one another, and they were created for specific purposes. Do you need Commercial Epoxy Floor Contractors in Toronto? Then don’t look beyond us!

We are experts in different epoxy materials & are ready to find the best for your requirements. We serve in Toronto, Ontario, and Mississauga. Please call for a free consultation. Warehouses, factories, and even commercial kitchens need hard-wearing, low-maintenance flooring options for convenience, safety, & sanitation. The conventional concrete options can provide this to a certain extent. On the other hand, epoxy flooring is a considerably preferable choice for those searching for a business flooring solution that takes these attributes to the next level.

In any commercial facility, flooring is an often-overlooked yet crucial aspect. Not only do your floors have to withstand a lot of foot traffic, but they also have to look good while doing so. We’ve been installing commercial epoxy flooring systems in the Toronto area for years, and we’d love to help. Commercial epoxy flooring is available in various colors, designs & customized patterns. If you are looking for a strong, durable, & easy to clean flooring solution, then epoxy floor coatings are a perfect choice.

Why Choose Commercial Epoxy Floor Coatings In Toronto?

Installing epoxy flooring is the best way to infuse new life into your commercial space without tearing up your old flooring. It is made with durability in mind, & it is a good choice for commercially successful locations. Not only can you easily choose different colors, but you can also pick from an assortment of finishes.

What Are The Various Benefits Of Commercial Epoxy Flooring?
  • It is tough to cause scratches on epoxy floors.
  • Thanks to the UV protective coating, the color and design will never fade.
  • Epoxy is highly resistant to most chemicals, essential when using commercial cleaning products daily.
  • The floors are waterproof & won’t get slippery when wet.
  • Epoxy is much stronger & more durable than concrete, meaning you can make your existing feet stronger by adding an epoxy layer.
Commercial Epoxy Installation Process

Our epoxy installation technique is straightforward & efficient. Our team will clear your commercial space & then clean the floor. During this process, we will inspect for cracks & pits. We will fill them in to create a level surface if any are present. We will then place a thin coating of primers followed by an epoxy topcoat on your garage floor. Following that, we’ll clean up, buff the floor, and give you a quality guarantee.

Why Choose YY Applications For Your Commercial Flooring Solutions?

Before reaching out to your commercial location, our staff thoroughly tests each of our epoxy floor coating blends. We will not use the mix if it is not up to the mark. Our diverse team is well-versed in epoxy coatings, flooring systems, and current design trends. We provide commercial, industrial, and residential flooring alternatives throughout the Toronto area. We won’t leave until you’re entirely delighted with your new epoxy flooring for business use. YY Applications are available whenever you need us, so call us today for a free consultation on your commercial flooring project.