CC Benefits

Concrete Coating Benefits:

Safety: Employees are far more likely to suffer trips, slips, and falls if your floor is cracked, pitted, or uneven. And, if this is a public area of your facility, your customers might injure themselves.  YY Applications can provide the solution. Concrete repair and leveling of your floor will make it safe for your customers and employees. Concrete floor coatings with a textured, skid and moisture resistant epoxy will further enhance your floor’s safety.

Environment: Cracked floors and trenches may allow hazardous chemicals used in your facility to seep into the ground below. It is environmentally unsound. YY Applications cans repairs and coats your concrete flooring so that chemicals neither seep through, nor damage, your concrete.

Cleanliness: Concrete dust can make meeting the quailty control standards almost impossible. YY Applications can repair or replace your existing epoxy flooring, then coat it to prevent concrete dust and optimize production, making cleanup easier in any facility.

Longevity: Cracking are certain signs that your concrete is aging. Once they begin, they hasten the deterioration of your floor. When YY Applications repairs and protects your concrete, we prevent its deterioration, thereby adding years to its life expectancy.

Aesthetics:The appearance of your facility is, to your employees and to your customer, a reflection on how you view your business. YY Applications promises an attractive result:  clean, level floors, perhaps painted and epoxy floor coating for an even more polished look. You, your customers, and your employees will be amazed at the difference! For more information on YY Applications repair, industrial epoxy flooring, concrete floor coatings, removal, and cleaning services, please contact: yyapplications@gmail.com

  • Shotblasting to strip, clean and etch in one step.
  • Self-leveling epoxy systems.
  • Concrete floor coatings.
  • Decorative quartz systems.
  • High performance, chemical-resistant urethanes.
  • Concrete floor repairs, cracks, voids, spalling, expansion joints
  • Secondary containment coatings.
  • High build epoxy flooring systems.


Concrete Coating Benefits


Concrete Coating Benefits